S E R V I C E S 
From the demolition to the finished project, Woodcraft understands the
challenges of a home renovation and the importance of doing a job right,
from small to large scale projects. 
Woodcraft understands the importance of using the right tools and supplies
for the job, with great attention to detail.  Use their expertise as they
guide you thru each step of the process and help you choose from the
many design options out there so you can truely say you
Love Where You Live.
- Demolition & Cleanup -
- Basic Carpentry -
- Tile -
- Cabinetry & Countertops -
- Drywall & Taping -
- Flooring -
- Finish Carpentry & Fireplaces -
- Plumbing & Electrical -
- Exterior & Interior Painting -
For more information on these and other services,
please contact us for more information.